Stitchers Recap (Ep. 1.02 - Friends in Low Places)

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Stitchers Recap (Ep. 1.02 - Friends in Low Places) Empty Stitchers Recap (Ep. 1.02 - Friends in Low Places)

Post by Kris Smith on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:58 pm

Kirsten has come back to her house to pick up her stuff, but it seems that Camille has decided to forgive her. She’s put Kirsten’s stuff back in her room (but not in its place), and fixed a dinner for the two of them. Camille has “ulterior motive” written all over her face, but I’m not sure that Kirsten can read it. For her own reasons Kirsten shoots down Camille’s apology and just goes back to her room. Camille is understandably not happy at this turn of events.

It’s now back to work as Kirsten goes to stitch into Ed, her pseudo-father. Linus makes me despair for the new stereotype of the shut-in scientist, and Kirsten and Cameron have some snark that is just trying way too hard. They decide to plug Kirsten. Just as she’s about to make the jump the lights come on, and Maggie pre-empts them with another case. This sort of teasing about the main plotline that does a two steps forward, one step back kind of thing is bad writing that needs to stop in all TV writing. It’s the same sort of back-and-forth will they/won’t they thing that gives viewers whiplash. It’s padding out the storyline, and it doesn’t do anybody any favors.

Maggie starts a briefing with what is apparently the only three people who matter in this EXTREMELY pricey and EXTREMELY technologically advanced project. There doesn’t seem to be a case representative which is really strange, but I digress. Apparently the most absolutely worst scary drug on the planet has just shown up in LA, and Maggie wants to stitch Kirsten into a girl who overdosed on it. Granted, I’m not an expert on the human brain, but I would think that an overdose victim’s brain wouldn’t be ideal.

We now cut to Det. Quincy Fisher. This is the guy that is/was in charge of Ed’s death. He talking to his boss about how things with Kirsten just don’t make sense. His boss lays some truth on him. He doesn’t care how Fisher feels about it. It’s not his case, so unless he has something on her, drop it. Then he assigns Fisher to a drug overdose case. By some massive confluence of events it’s the same case that Kirsten is working on. Strangely, the girl, Lisa Keller, who is a judge’s daughter and a casualty of what looks to be a new booming drug epidemic, only has one detective assigned to her case. Fisher calls down to the medical examiner for the toxicology, but they can’t find her body. (If the toxicology wasn’t done, then how did the super-secret government agency know that this was one of the people that they were looking for?) Fisher then goes down stairs to take out his anger on the female ME, and piss off the people who he relies on to get his job done. He vaguely threatens the ME and leaves. After he leaves the ME makes a phonecall and states that “they” may have a problem. (It’s at this point that I realize that I’m only 1/7 of the way through the episode and I BADLY need Alison Scaggs to show up and save me.)

Kirsten is now ready to stitch into Lisa. After chewing Linus out for being unfeeling about Ed, Kirsten does it to Lisa. Cameron does the stitching process, and I want to digress for a moment. Cameron has two little hand guided things that he uses to stitch her in. What is with these things? It feels like in the 80’s when the keyboard players started using keytars. It’s something to make what you’re doing look a little more exciting. It’s so hilariously bad and out of place. Now back to our show. Kirsten shows up in a rave scene, and this actually manages to pull me back a little bit. She’s feeling…nope, I can’t do it. This show just isn’t doing anything to make reviewing it worthwhile. I’ll finish watching the episode, and maybe the next one. But this show really needs a lot of improvement.
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