Dark Matter (Ep. 1.01 - Pilot)

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Dark Matter (Ep. 1.01 - Pilot) Empty Dark Matter (Ep. 1.01 - Pilot)

Post by Kris Smith on Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:37 pm

  • I felt that this was an okay episode. It had good introductions, gave a few story hooks, and most importantly made me wish to see the next episode.
  • I didn't like the wiped memory trope. I felt that up until the last part of the episode it got in the way of the story more than it helped. At the end of the episode I did see a bit of storytelling future to it.
  • This show, so far, has a very strong Firefly feel to it. The characters even seem to fill some of the same roles. Speaking of...
  • Let's take a look at the characters:

    • 1 - I initially assumed that he would be "The Leader", but he appears to be the "Intellectual" and the "Moral Compass". He makes me think of Simon.
    • 2 - At first I assumed that she would be the ship's pilot, but as the episode moved along she seemed to become "The Leader" more and more. I like that in that role she didn't go down to the surface. Not being completely the leader she makes me think of Zoe.
    • 3 - This guy is just a dick that seems to think with his guns instead of his brain. He walks around an empty ship armed to the teeth, tries to bully some of the other crew, and shoots at doors on a ship in space. This guy is obviously Jayne.
    • 4 - The silent Asian who uses swords. *cough*SuperTrope*cough* They better do something better with this guy in the next few episodes. Seriously, I was expecting him to die because he seemed like such a background character. Being so empty of personality there's no-one I can link him to.
    • 5 - The young, weird girl that is super smart and technically capable. I wonder if she's the emperor's daughter, or if she's reading 2's mind. This is obviously River.
    • 6 - Capable, yet a caring individual. He showed glimmers of being "The Pilot" or possibly "The Doctor". I'm not sure what to make of him just yet. He seems to be akin to Shepherd.
    • The Android - I hope that they give her a name. Once they got past the part of her being the killer robot I warmed up to her a bit. She doesn't seem to have too much character yet, but I saw a bit of sass when she asked 2,"Do you want me to show you?" in the middle of the battle.

    - What was up with 2 attacking 1 just because he was in the way? That was stupid, and not just in a storytelling way.
    - I wonder how they got that pendant?
    - What was the message that 2 and 5 saw?
    - Is a task actually tedious to a machine?
    - I'm glad that next episode that still appear to be using their numerical names.
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Dark Matter (Ep. 1.01 - Pilot) Empty Re: Dark Matter (Ep. 1.01 - Pilot)

Post by kinoumenthe on Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:55 am

Are you still following it ?
I am and so far, it's following the "problem of the week" enclosed in a larger arc. It's not too bad, but One is such a Nice Guy… *barf*

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