The Whispers (Ep. 1.03 - Collision)

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The Whispers (Ep. 1.03 - Collision) Empty The Whispers (Ep. 1.03 - Collision)

Post by Kris Smith on Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:02 pm

- Wait, your husband is upset that you cheated on him? Who could have imagined.
- These high level agents need to be told how to do an investigation? Why are they on your team?
- Holy crap, they're removing her from a case where she might have a conflict of interest. I've honestly never seen that on a TV show like this. Seriously, I haven't.
- That child psychologist is really bad at his job.
- Minx is suitably creepy.
- And the cases are starting to connect.
- Gee, I wonder if child psychologist is going to have something happen to him.
- Yeah, because that's not a terroist front.
- John received a message through the lights? Are there opposing sides among the aliens?
- Hmmmm...They're making the Drill connection. I didn't expect that for several episodes. Where will they go from here?
- So doctor, are you a believer now?
- They call the one guy directly? Shouldn't there be an actual regulation number to contact?
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The Whispers (Ep. 1.03 - Collision) Empty Re: The Whispers (Ep. 1.03 - Collision)

Post by Thursday Next on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:50 am

I'm afraid the show is getting slightly more boring with each subsequent episode. I really liked the Pilot. I will keep up with it, but hopefully it's not gonna drag lie this forever, I don't feel like anything new really happened in episode 3.

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