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Faking It - Season 2B Empty Faking It - Season 2B

Post by Kris Smith on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:31 am

Okay, I might have watched the leaked episodes of season 2b of Faking It. Here are my thoughts:

  • Amy has stumbled through her sexual awakening in a believable manner, and she's struggled with the pressures of growing up.
  • Karma has come to realize the pitfalls of her approach to life, and has suffered the consequences of her actions.
  • Shane, like Karma, has also suffered the growing pains of being a narcissist.
  • Lauren has grown from the unrelatable evil, conservative step-sister into the relatable evil, conservative step-sister. I feel that her character has become one of the best parts of the series.
  • Liam unforntantly has not grown. He's basically the same narcissistic hipster douchebag that he was in the beginning of the show. Only now everything he touches turns to gold, and he can do no wrong. The show was originally about the relationship between Karma and Amy, but Carter Covington, the showrunner, must have a hard on for either the character or the actor, because this role keeps expanding.
  • This show is mostly wonderful. It's writing is tight, the jokes are funny, the issues are organically grown as are the relationships, the topics are relevant, and there is consistency and continuity to the show.
  • That's why I'm enraged beyond belief with a lot of the stupid things that happen. After the debacle that happened at the end of last season, Rita Volk, who plays Amy, did an interview in which she said that she specifically sat down with Carter Covington and talked about Amy's sexuality. From the beginning it was portrayed that Amy was a lesbian who was just realizing this about herself, and Rita wanted to make sure that her coming out would be handled with sincerity and tact. They agreed that Amy would be a lesbian and that later they wouldn't say, "Hey, just kidding. I'm also into boys." This is exactly what happened.
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