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Post by Nuuni Nuunani on Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:51 pm

My mind was wandering regarding LGBT in comic books, and it got me thinking about Extrano. Now, I had not actually read a book he was in and was simply going off of out of context panels, so out of curiosity, I decided to pick up the series which made for an interesting series of discoveries.

First of all, the line-up. Only two people from the states in the entire book, and only one white character in with a great amount of diversity. A majority of the team is women, and the book doesn't pull that whole 'the white guy is in charge' thing some books would try to pull. As that is actually what the book is specifically fighting against.

What little commentary ive seen on this series is people mocking its concept. People destined to breed the next generation, and point out that two of its characters lack reproductive organs, and one is gay. This is commented on in the very first issue, and its left with the perception that theres more to it than they all realize. Which culminates in the finale when its revealed that their destiny was to be teachers of the next generation, imparting ideals and values that will shape generations to come.

The book is VERY on the nose. Their central nemesis is a racist asshat who put together a team of racist jerkfaces to kill the New Guardians because of the diversity of the team.

What I find most surprising is how much it resembles The Movement.
Both books were twelve issue series that were killed quite quickly. Both books championed diversity of all forms. Both books spent their entire run resolving a singular storyline. Both books had non traditional superhero teams. And both books had asshat villains who looked down on others.

Gregorio De La Vega, or Extrano was also really interesting in this series. People claimed that he was a gay stereotype, but I did not see that. Generally, he was the voice of reason on the team. The one who would act as a shoulder to cry on and who would listen to others problems and never weigh anyone down with his own. I find it baffling how he became ignored despite his interesting character.

Overall, Id say it was a rather good book and I applaud its effort at being more diverse.
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